Positive Impact Partnerships (PIP)


Hydrating children Everywhere involves working together with business and organizations to provide access to clean water solutions for innocent children in communites and around the world. Even in a country as prosperous as the United States, there are currently 42 million people struggling with hunger, including 13 million children.

Positive impact partnerships is a Vatu Maji initiative (Clean water program) developed and designed to connect business and organizations with community food banks in need of bottled water donations.

We partner with individuals and companies that want to make a difference and become champions of social causes in their communities.

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Our Mission...

Is to provide needed water to community based food banks and water filter straws to children in remote villages making your purchase a double humanitarian impact.


Our Goal...

Is to ensure that our partners stand out as global CSR companies that are dedicated to positively impacting their communities.

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With Vatu Maji to donate needed water to food banks will create substantial scale of impact in local communities, remote villages and also create substantial brand recognition for corporate brands.



Our objective is to promote and strengthen individual and corporate brands. We utilize social media platforms to simply but effectively broadcast the water donation episode.

Water donations to specified food banks selected by corporate partners will be delivered by trucks displaying the donors corporate brand. 

We also set and stage the donation reception on behalf of o ur corporate partners and broadcast the positive impact to provide hydration for children in the community. 


"Corporate Brand Promotion"

We are stronger together, communities appreciate corporate partnerships with a cause.


Your donation & brand goes a long way...

The episode does not end here, Vatu Maji will further deliver & distribute water-filter straws to children in remote villages in honor of the corporate donor. 


Vatu Maji works and coordinates with various fund rising events and links corporate partners to targeted events. We advertise, market and promote corporate partner brands by donating Vatu Maji needed water at events which consume large quantities of bottled water.

Vatu Maji will strategically set up corporate partner branded booths and banners to hand out needed bottled water at events such as marathons, bike rides, walks, etc. 

Join us and promote your brand whilst saving children's lives.