Disaster Relief

"Our passion is water and our mission is to ensure every child has access to clean water".

Purchasing Vatu Maji water enables a two way humanitarian effort, children in disaster impacted zones are able to receive your donation and the proceeds from your purchase go towards providing water filter straws to children in remote villages.

"What a great way to share clean water"


We respond to catastrophic situations, providing access to Vatu Maji water to persons and communities who have suffered from some form of disaster.

Our effective emergency management policies ensure integration of emergency plans at all levels of government and non-government involvement which enables all parties at every level to unite and be efficient and effective in providing needed water during disaster relief mitigation efforts.


Our efficient preparedness measures efficiently manage emergency water delivery operations to disaster impacted zones. We pride ourselves on the effective deployment in the center of emergency logistical water supply.

                                          "Lets hold hands and together help those that need help".

                                          "Lets hold hands and together help those that need help".

Designed to save children's lives.

Designed to save children's lives.