About Us

Children are honest and resilient, water is pure and essential
— Vatu Maji

Our World, Our Water...

Lets together save children's lives.

Vatu Maji Means Our Water.

Our world has been blessed with abundant water essential for all mankind yet scarce to most children in homeless shelters and remote villages.

This is our world, our water and together we can ensure that children in remote villages, homeless shelters and disaster impacted zones get access to clean drinking water.


Vatu Maji LLC is an innovative water company designed and dedicated to prevent child deaths caused by waterborne diseases and water scarcity. 

We are a social enterprise business producing quality bottled water and smart water-filter solutions that provide clean water to children in remote villages, homeless shelters and disaster impacted zones.

Vatu Maji bottled water is also utilized in charity organizations, homeless shelters and Federal government agencies (FEMA) for disaster relief mitigation. 


Vatu Maji Filter Solutions


Our water filter solutions maximize impact and provide clean water to children in remote villages. These vulnerable children are subjected to walk long distances to and from school surrounded by contaminated water as their only source.

The filter straws are a "public good" that help reduce lost literacy productivity in children caused by waterborne diseases.

"What a wonderful way to share clean water".



Our products include Vatu Maji bottled water, filter straws, GIA certified diamonds and precious gemstones ethically mined from remote villages with no access to clean water.


 Water & Diamonds

"A perfect marriage to save lives, both originating from mother earth,  yet both scarce to others"

Our Theory: If you can afford to buy a diamond, better to buy one that will provide clean water to the village its was mined from. 


Vatu Maji bottled water is designed to save children's lives through our Water 4 Water exchange program and also provide needed water to homeless shelters, charity organizations and disaster relief agencis. 

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Vatu water filter

Our water-filter straws are designed to filter endemic waterborne pathogens found in surrounding water sources. Waterborne diseases caused by pathogens kill approximately 4,500 children per day in Africa according to the World Health Organization (WHO). 

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vatu Diamonds

Vatu Maji through our Diamond 4 Water program source's and supplies investment diamonds ethically mined from remote villages with no access to clean water.  

Investing in our diamonds provides diamond producing remote villages with sustainable water solutions to save children's lives in their commuities.

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"Through our water and diamonds, we can empower a community and children with a heathier future".


Diamonds ethically mined from remote villages can help provide clean water to their communities.

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Resource development partnership is a Vatu Maji program designed to unleash and redirect natural resources existing in remote villages. We identify remote villages in Africa with natural resources yet lacking sustainable clean water solutions and infrastructure.


Natural resources we focus on are Diamonds and precious gemstones particularly Emeralds. We partner with indigenous land-owners, community leaders and local chiefs responsible for mining activities and rights.

We then invest in the ethical extraction and sale of discovered natural resources providing the community with revenue needed for sustainable water projects and infrastructure to save children's lives.





Social Responsibility..

We are proud to partner with business entities in the United States and around the world that engage in corporate social responsibilities regarding sustainable water solutions for their local communities.


 Access To Clean                  Water. 

We are grateful for all the generous support from our corporate and individual partners. Through your support, children in remote villages, homeless shelters and disaster situations are able access clean water. 

"Vatu Maji means Our Water"